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Welcome to our style sanctuary! As a tech-loving couple from Manila navigating the world of fashion, we’re thrilled to share our journey from blog enthusiasts to budding entrepreneurs.

In the bustling tech landscape, we discovered a shared passion for curating the latest in clothing trends, sparking the birth of our beloved blog. Now, as we don our entrepreneurial hats, we’re excitedly working behind the scenes to transform this space into an e-commerce hub, learning the ropes and embracing the challenges with enthusiasm so that we can offer carefully crafted clothing items under our own brand.

Join us on this stylish ride as we evolve from techies to trendsetters, making fashion accessible to fellow enthusiasts with our unique brand and curated collection. Get ready to explore, shop, and grow with us!

Our Mission

Rooted in the vibrancy of the metropolis, our mission is to empower the urban woman with fashion that speaks to her ambition, style, and relentless spirit. From sunrise commutes to sunset soirées, our collections embrace the versatility and sophistication needed for every urban adventure.

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If you are interested in signing up for our newsletter or you have a question about your subscription, email us at info (at) mereditz.com or visit our Contact Us page to get in touch and learn more.

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